About Bluewater Power Washing

I specialize in Power Washing and cleaning Richmond’s exteriors. I’m not a painter, carpenter, landscaper or handyman but I have been all of the above. I created Bluewater Power Washing to specialize in exterior cleaning as I enjoy making dirty things clean and like new again.

I have personally cleaned hundreds of houses, decks, concrete sidewalks and driveways all over Richmond and surrounding areas. We offer commercial pressure washing services, and residential power washing services. There’s a never ending supply of exteriors that need cleaning.

With Richmond’s weather a typical exterior should be cleaned every third year. If the property is near water or covered by lots of foliage more frequent cleanings may be required. My motto is do what it takes to leave the property clean. Not every customer remembers to tell me that they have a shed that is turning green, their deck furniture may have mildew on it or that the bottom of the trash can needs to be washed out. If I see something dirty I clean it.

I charge a fair price for quality work. I use premium cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and do not harm your plants or animals. Read my online reviews as I never leave a mess or an unhappy customer. There’s no reason to be nothing but happy when your property is left clean.

Email, text or call me for pricing and scheduling. I provide FREE over the phone estimates for many jobs that I stand by so it’s extremely easy to get started. Let’s get Clean!!