Deck & Fence Services

There is an art to cleaning wood and it takes an experienced hand to clean it without causing permanent damage. It is very easy to damage the wood using too harsh of a chemical cleaner or too strong of a water pressure. It takes about 20 decks of experience to understand how to clean wood and stain it efficiently. I have had 15 years of experience to learn so for most homeowners I do not recommend taking a pressure washer to your deck. Many homeowners with some direction can self perform the staining themselves. For those willing to take on the staining I gladly provide free direction. We are happy to do just the cleaning or a package deal with the staining included.

If you are getting a house wash we always include a deck washing with this service. This is a typical maintenance wash to remove mildew and dirt from the wood surfaces. A thorough deck cleaning prepares a deck for clear sealing and staining and every inch of the deck is cleaned with chemicals and pressure washed.

I have a full tool box of skills to restore decks and fences that may appear to be too far gone. I offer repair and face lifts for those that need a lot more than just cleaning and staining.

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